Board Of Directors

Jim Marsh - President
Kevin Kelly  - Vice President
Susan DeSanti -Treasurer
Kristi Lauersen - Secretary
Cathy DeGroat
Richard Dioguardi
Shannon Guinard

Malissa Kapschull
Caroline Lodewyks
‚ÄčTom Ryan

Larry DeLaRue



Trees - Richard Dioguardi & Tom Ryan 
Building & Construction -  Kevin Kelly
Roads - Kevin Kelly & Jim Marsh
Pool - Kristi Lauersen & Kevin Kelly
Lake & Dam - Richard Dioguardi & Jim Marsh
Clubhouse - Kristi Lauersen, Sue DeSanti & Malissa Kapschull 
Hospitality - Shannon Guinard & Cathy DeGroat

If you would like to volunteer for any committee, please contact the office 570-685-4600 Any and all help is welcome.